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When Gin Was Sin

WOW Fall 2003 Production

The WOW 1996 production of "When Gin Was Sin" was such a crowd pleaser, Director Michele Penberthy, with the help of Music Director Newt Buker decided to update the script and music, and run it again!

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The show kicks off with a spirited dance number, "All That Jazz", featuring the Prime Time Tappers and that classy singer, Tilly, choreographed by Helen Siegwarth.

Immediately, you knew there would be trouble, as the Temperance Ladies practice a song in front of the curtain, while holding signs stating "Down With Sin", and "Out With Gin".

The curtain opens to Mayor Clem (Tex) Claghorn's office, with his brother Bubba, and his ditzy secretary, Trixie, helping him write his re-election campaign speech.

The Mayor even does a little "soft shoe" to "Tea For Two."  Then, there is a noise in the hall, and Bubba tells the Mayor "there’s a bunch of old biddies waitin’ to see him".

After their leader, Beulah F. Budwizer, challenges the Mayor to "shut down sin in this city", he convinces them to sing him one of his Mamma’s favorite songs, "It Is No Secret", while he sneaks out of his office.  And so goes the battle between the "honorable" Mayor and those Temperance Ladies!

Before the scene shifts to Rose Seagram’s Cozy Pawn Shop, we are treated to "Rock-a-bye Your Baby" by the WOW 4 Seniors Only quartet.

In the Cozy Pawn Shop, Tommy, Rose and Liz make plans, and then Rose sings "Second Hand Rose."

Enter Mayor Claghorn, who tries to sweet talk Rose into closing down her Senior Soda Sippin’ Saloon for a while until after the election.  While the curtain closes for a scene change, Bubba and Billy entertain the audience with a little football practice.

Just before the Senior Soda Sippin’ Saloon opens for business, Tilly practices "The Glory of Love", then tells MC he should listen to Nellie sing "You’re the Cream in My Coffee."

Bandleader Johnny discusses a possible quartet with Tilly and Nellie, while the Mayor gets the best of Rose’s Ma.

The stage show gets started with the Prime Time Tappers dancing to "Anything Goes", a special guest telling us "The Lady Is a Tramp", and Halley belting out "If I Could Be With You."

The saloon crowd watches as bartender Lyle sings "Chicago", followed by Bobby with "Hot Honey Rag."

The WOW Male Dancers and their "Stripper" routine!

Before long, a "Dueling Duet" breaks out with the Temperance Ladies singing "Work for the Night is Coming", and the saloon bunch tries to drown them out with "There is a Tavern in the Town."

After those noisy Temperance Ladies woke him, Billy Boozer has a chat with the street lamp and then leaves us with "Show Me the Way to Go Home."

The curtain opens for Act II with those high-stepping Prime Time Tappers doing "Alexander’s Rag Time Band."  And, by the way, did we mention our Stage Band?

As Mayor Claghorn delivers his campaign speech, the reporters as the question of the day . . . "When are you going to close that saloon?Sir Sullivan tells about closing the YMCA, the PTA, and a lot of other places, but the Mayor tells him they need to stage a "raid" on the saloon to appease those Temperance Ladies.  So, after a very rigorous drill, the Policemen sing "A Policeman’s Lot Is Not a Happy One."

Meanwhile, back at the Senior Soda Sippin’ Saloon, there is entertainment brewing!  First, Johnny gives us his hip-shakin’ version of "That’s All Right", and then Tilly tells Johnny she would like to do a duet with Bobby!

So Tilly, Bobby and Sax WOW the audience with "When I Fall In Love."  Before anyone can settle in, Halley tells MC to "ruffle my feathers", while I sing "Bill Bailey!"

Suddenly, there is a siren . . . and a blackout! It's a RAID!

After order is restored and the lights come up, "innocent", devout worshippers are seen singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" and "Give Me That Old Time Religion."

Even some of the Policemen get into the spirit of the moment as the Preacher invites the congregation to the sanctuary for a little "ritual grape juice communion", as they sing "Every Time I Feel the Spirit."

And then, the Mayor is once again hounded by the Press to do something about "sin in the city". 

As Billy asks Rose for more money, and Ma and Liz join in reminiscing about Billy's ruination because of alcohol, in come the Temperance Ladies with a proposition to Rose . . . "We want you to run for Mayor!"  After Rose graciously accepts the challenge to run, she and Liz sing us a song about "Friendship."  Election Night is here at last!  As the Banjo Players do "Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight", the townspeople are preparing to celebrate the re-election of their favorite Mayor!

"The vote is in . . . but it’s a TIE!"  Rose:  "In the excitement, I forgot to vote!"

"I cast my vote for Clem Claghorn, and I will be His Honor’s wife!"  "Miss Budwizer", says Mayor, "will you accept the responsibility for culture in our town and chair Super Saturday?"

"I accept", says Beulah, "and I will begin by reforming this poor, miserable man (Billy)".  Then Beulah and Billy sing "Side By Side."

Attention!  Attention!
Prohibition has ended!!!  The whole cast joins in "Happy Days Are Here Again!"

In celebration, the Prime Time Tappers give us the "Washington Post March!"

And the "When Gin Was Sin" Cast comes back for the Finale!

WOW would like to say "Thank You" to the following guest performers from
The New Wrinkles Players of Fresno, California:
Leah Bader, Dottie Brown, Georgie Dayton, Nick Hammel, Eileen Klein,
Merriam Read, Jean Rice, Emil Sereda, Judy Wilson

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