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WOW Fall 2005 Production

WOW President and Artistic Director, Michele Penberthy, envisioned a show about the history of music in the 20th century with lots of singing, dancing, instrumental music, comedy and some narrative.  Michele wrote the script using research assistance from Vaude deVille, and coordinated with Choreographer / Dance Instructor Helen Siegwarth and Music Director Wendy Geist, to create "From Tin Pan Alley to Wrinkles!."  We hope you enjoy the following photos and descriptions of scenes from this show that won the hearts of our audiences, September 9, 10 and 11, 2005, at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, Washington!

Click on the photos for enlargement.  Photography by WOW photographer, John Vosburgh, with assistance from Jodie Sturdevant.

Lest we forget those Prohibition Days, here come the Temperance Ladies marching to the drum beat and shouting "down with gin, out with sin!" Then the curtain opens to the Prime Time Tappers dancing "The Charleston" from the flapper era!

Narrator Ken Schwilk reminds the audience the early 20th Century was a time of change. At the same time, Tin Pan Alley sold 2 billion copies of sheet music.  He invites the audience to "take a walk down Memory Lane with songs that brightened the homes and hearts of America."

The WOW Chorus comes on stage with a medley of popular songs in "Those Good Old Days!"  And Joan Forst with "Oh, Johnny!"

Robert Williams gets that shiny saxophone going with "Alexander’s Rag Time Band", backed by the WOW Stage Band.  Then he joins Bill Dergan, Michele Penberthy, and Jeanie Taylor in "It Don’t Mean a Thing!"

Narrator Marigem Emde tells us blues music combined both soul music and jazz.  Then Joanie Roper delivers a marvelous version of "Blues in the Night!"

Dennis Johnson sings "Sonny Boy."  Bill Dergan and Joan Forst sing "Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off."

The WOW Chorus is out again with "Take Me Out to the Ball Game!"  Jan Day and Lila Willis sing out that cute tune "Ma, He’s Makin’ Eyes at Me," and later, when Bill Dergan enters with those "eyes," we understand their concern.

Now, fasten your seat belts, because here comes a wild and crazy rendering of "Bill Bailey", featuring solos by Gayle Andre (piano), Vaude deVille (harmonica), Al McClymond (banjo) and Robert Williams (saxophone).  Other band members are Barbara Boyd (clarinet) and Chuck Gourley (guitar).

Narrator Geri Campbell introduces the 1930’s and all the music styles that emerged.  Then Susan Wright does a modern dance routine to "Facinatin’ Rhythm."

Now, here's a new "Wrinkle!"  Tap dancers Tom Thompson and Karolyn Langford Walden share the stage with trio Michele Penberthy, Joanie Roper and Jeanie Taylor in "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!"

Bill Johnson sings "It Had to Be You", with an energetic style, followed Lyle Russell with his smooth delivery of "But Not For Me."

The Prime Time Tappers cap off a great Act 1 with a really fun routine to "Curly Shuffle!"


During the Intermission of the Saturday, Sept. 10 show, there was a special tribute to "The Living Legends of Thurston County" award winners for 2005, Virgil Clarkson, Don Sattelberg and Art ZabelWOW congratulates these fine citizens for their contributions to our community!

Ann Johnson opens Act 2 in front of the curtain with a hilarious tale about making Fruit Cake!  Then Michele Penberthy and Robert Williams sing that "Show Boat" tune, "Make Believe."

Joanie Roper plays our emotions with "You’ll Never Walk Alone", and Robert Williams is back with that spirited song, "Cabaret!"

The Melodears harmonize with the pop song "Mr. Sandman."  The WOW Male Dancers fill the stage with "The Stripper!"

Art Selhorn delivers a powerful punch with "Unchained Melody", and then Narrator Vaude deVille reminds us how The Beatles took America by storm!

The WOW Stage Band plays a medley of Beatle’s songs and then Chuck Gourley joins them with John Lennon’s "Imagine."

Those energetic, high-stepping Prime Time Tappers take over the stage with "Witch Doctor!"

Ken Schwilk thoughtfully sings "You Are So Beautiful."  Followed by Chuck Gourley singing that Garth Brooks hit, "The Dance."

Lyle Russell has the audience in stitches with his "Letter From Mother!"

The Prime Time Tappers continue the country flair with "Why Me?"

From "A Little Night Music", Jeanie Taylor sings "Send in the Clowns", and Scott Schoengarth gives us "Sandy" from "Grease!."

It’s a spirited "Salsa" dance by Sherry Christianson, followed by the WOW Chorus in their choreographed singing of "Under the Sea!"

"Modern Abbott & Costello" is a very funny computer store skit by Sally Hancock and Gail Kirk.

With a couple of songs from "Chicago", here is Vaude deVille with "Razzle Dazzle", and Charleen Goodrich belting out "When You're Good to Mama!"

As the show draws to an end, Narrators Ken Schwilk and Geri Campbell thank the audience for sharing our music from the 20th Century

Narrator Marigem Emde says the span of WOW cast ages brings musical versatility, and Vaude deVille says with our sharing of music, " . . . we have all become "One"  From "Chorus Line", the Prime Time Tappers give us a beautifully choreographed and wonderfully executed dance to "One"


The WOW Stage Band!
The whole Cast!

Music Director Wendy Geist, Artistic Director Michele Penberthy, and Choreographer/Dance Instructor Helen Siegwarth

WOW thanks our enthusiastic audiences for attending "From Tin Pan Alley to Wrinkles!"   Also, we give our heartfelt thanks to the Washington Center technical team, and WOW volunteers for their outstanding work "behind the scenes!"

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