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HOME AT LAST...A Tank Town Tale, Logo for the Fall 2007 show

WOW Fall 2007 Production

Artistic Director, Michele Penberthy, with the assistance of Music Director Nathan Young, and working with an original script by members of the WOW Board of Directors, created an upbeat, patriotic and music filled show, "HOME AT LAST...A Tank Town Tale."  We hope you enjoy the following photos and descriptions of scenes from this show that entertained our audiences September 7, 8 and 9, 2007, at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, Washington!

Click on the photos for enlargement.  Photography by WOW photographer, John Vosburgh, with assistance from Jodie Sturdevant.

To view photos taken backstage during rehearsals and at the time of the performances, please click here.

The show opens to the Prime Time Tappers dancing "The Thunderer", a rousing march by John Philip Sousa.  They are part of a USO show performing for the troups at an unnamed location.  Master of Ceremonies, Ziggy Fields (Tom Thompson), introduces the performers of the USO.

Robert Williams thrills the ladies with his vocal rendition of "I Only Have Eyes For You" while the ever enchanting Joanie Roper entertains the audience with "Blow Gabriel Blow."

Polly Graff (Sherry Christianson) tap dances to the aptly named "For The Boys."  Lyle Russell, 89 years young, a perennial audience favorite, sings "If I Ruled the World."

Barbie Weller (Laurel Busse-Johnston) and Ziggy Fields (Tom Thompson) do a tap duet to "Paddelin' Madelin Home."  Sylvia "Sparky" Watz (Marylin Ball-Brown) sings "Feeling Good."

Reverend Arthur Osgoode (Don Ellis)closes the USO show as he sings "Do Lord."  John Danver (Bill Johnson) sings "Get Me to the Church on Time" to the USO members as they wait in the airport for their plane home.

Mayor Marsha Meyer (Pat Overstreet) and her assistant Gladys O’Doul (Geri Campbell) discuss the welcome home celebration they are planning for the returning troups.  Marsha sings "Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland" to John Danver’s picture.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Basil Buckmaster (Wilfried Lippman) recites "The Lament" while looking at a picture of his deceased daughter.  Marshall Mort Dillon (Bob Giles) investigates strange lights seen at the Wrinkleton Munitions Depot.

A mysterious figure, Ted "Tank" Tankiewicz (Vaude deVille) enters the Wrinkleton Munitions Depot and sings "The Lament" while looking at a photograph.  Lance Cellalot (David Tanner), a real estate agent, shows the Wrinkleton Munitions Depot to prospective buyers (Willard "Bill" Dergan and Theresa Lirette).

The Graff sisters, Holly (Pam Casady), Polly (Mary Cullen), and Corrie (Sherry Christianson), practice their dance to "I'm Going Bananas" for the celebration.  The Last Time Tappers also practice their dance, this one to "Celebration."

Reggie Romaine (Willard "Bill" Dergan is unaware that he has become part of the dance.  The The WOW Band closes the first act with "Route 66."


The second act opens with a scene in front of the curtain.  Ted "Tank" Tankiewicz (Vaude deVille) sings "An American Lament."

The curtain opens and the Prime Time Tappers dance to "Bandstand Boogie."

Sylvia "Sparky" Watz (Marylin Ball-Brown) demonstrates her incredible vocal range when she sings an exciting and unique version "The National Anthem."  Diggy O'Doul (Don Hancock)) is joined by the WOW Chorus as he sings "Amazing Grace."

"And if they can dance…they can skate", Billie Blades (Ann Johnson) tells Corrie Graff (Sherry Christianson).  "We could have touring bands…and talent nights…and, well…you get the idea.", says Bubba Steine (Al McClymond).

The WOW Chorus sings "We're in the Money."  Lance Cellalot (David Tanner) is chastized by Basil "Buck" Buckmaster (Wilfried Lippman).

"If you are who you seem to be, you are a rich man!", says Bertha Blabber (Betty Ann Cook).  "Maybe they could benefit from a Veteran’s Center", suggests Molly Matrone (Theresa Lirette).

"I’m a retired surgeon…I’d be glad to help any way I can", offers Dr. Cal Cutter (Tony Lirette).  Reverend Arthur Osgoode (Don Ellis) sings "Only in America."

Bubba Steine (Al McClymond) plays "Columbus Stockade Blues" on his banjo.  Gayle Andre sings "I'm Goin' Home."

Dr. Bob (Robert Williams) plays a saxophone solo, "Swanee."  Joanie Roper sings the lovely "Home At Last."

The WOW Chorus sings "Within Our Reach."  The Prime Time Tappers close the show with "Jump With My Baby."

WOW thanks our enthusiastic audiences for attending "HOME AT LAST...A Tank Town Tale."   Also, we give our heartfelt thanks to the Washington Center technical team, and WOW volunteers for their outstanding work "behind the scenes!"

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