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“Mystery at Hornsby Manor”, Logo for the Fall 2009 show

WOW Fall 2009 Production

Co-Directors, Michele Penberthy and Geri Campbell, working with an original script by members of WOW, put together an audience pleasing show filled with music, "Mystery at Hornsby Manor."  Alan Bentson served as the Musical Director.  We hope you enjoy the following photos and descriptions of scenes from this show that entertained our audiences September 11, 12, and 13, 2009, at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, Washington.

To view photos taken backstage during rehearsals and at the time of the performances, please click here.  Photos are still being added.

Click on the photos for enlargement.  Photography by WOW photographer, John Vosburgh, with assistance from Jodie Sturdevant.

The play opens at the Hornsby Manor, where a retirement party for Horatio Hornsby is in full swing.  The Prime Time Tappers (Velma Blodget, Laurel Busse-Johnston, Glenda Cline, Mary Cullen, Eloise Hill, Donna Kine, Darlene Norkoski, Linda Raines, Sharon Ruhl, Doris Watson, and Georgia Williams), begin the entertainment with a rousing dance to "This Old House."

Dr. Midas Welby (Keith Ingersoll) is greeted by Hortense Hornsby (Pat Overstreet). Uncle Harry (Alan Bentsen) plays the piano to accompany Gayle as she sings.

Gayle Andre entertains the audience with "A Good Man Is Hard to Find."  Hortense Hornsby (Pat Overstreet) and Henrietta Hornsby (Julie Froelicher) have fun singing "Sisters."

Johnny Crockman (Vaude deVille) and Ernie Mudoff (Bill Dergan) are up to no good. Mary Cullen dances gracefully with veils to "Greensleeves"

The people at the party are shocked to here that Horatio Hornsby is dead.  The next day Charlotte O’Hara (Diana Amos) tells Jessica Flasher (Jeanne Vosburgh) about Horatio’s sudden death.

With the haunting accompaniment of Robert Williams’ saxophone, Joanie Roper sings the lovely "You’you’ll Never Walk Alone."  Uncle Harry convinces Henrietta and Hortense that their father wouldn't want them to grieve.  Charlotte joins them as they all sing "Put on a Happy Face."

Charlotte reminices with Uncle Harry about the silver haired barritone who used to sing at the parties.  Hal Sawyer comes onstage and sings "Sway" and dances the rumba with Laurel Busse-JohnstonLori Leavitt sings "Hey There" as Robert Williams plays the saxophone and Uncle Harry plays the piano.  A little later, Uncle Harry playa and sings "Bridge Over Troubled Waters."

Johnny Crockman (Vaude deVille) and Ernie Mudoff (Bill Dergan) sing "Money, Money, Money."  Mortimor Tician (Tom Lockhart) explains to Henrietta, Jessica and Hortense that Horatio has already been cremated.

Reverend Hope (Tony Lirette) sings "Farewell", an original song by Vaude deVille, as Henrietta, Jessica, Hortense and Jane Hathaway (Barb Boyd) attend the funeral.  Jessica sings "Accentuate the Positive", with Hortense, Henrietta and Charlotte while Uncle Harry plays the piano.


The Prime Time Tappers open the second act with "Green Door."

Jane Hathaway (Barb Boyd) says, “I wonder if they have an opening?  I'd still like to be in that kick line!”  Robert Williams, an audience favorite, plays an exciting "I've Got Rhythm" on his saxophone.

Laurel Busse-Johnston tap dances to "Dancin' Fool."  Judy Garlick (Bobbiea Andreas) sings "Maybe This Time."

Jane surprises everyone at the party when she dances as one of The Last Time Tappers (Gayle Andre, Phyllis LaFontaine, Barb Boyd, Geri Campbell, Mary Lou Spence and Theresa Lirette) to "9 to 5."

Rhett Buttons (Chris Stegman) and Charlotte O'Hara (Diana Amos) sing the romantic "Unchained Melody."  Jessica reads a letter Horatio wrote to his daughters while Hortense, Henrietta, Charlotte and Jane listen raptly.

The whole cast sings "Happy Days Are Here Again."

The Prime Time Tappers close the show by dancing to
"Thank God I'm Old."

WOW thanks our enthusiastic audiences for attending "Mystery at Hornsby Manor." Also, we give our heartfelt thanks to the Washington Center technical team, and WOW volunteers for their outstanding work "behind the scenes!"

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