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Sentimental Journey
WOW Fall 1994 Production

Too much praise cannot be heaped on this first Wrinkles Of Washingtion! effort.  Put briefly, it was an utterly delightful series of skits, vignettes, dances, and songs honoring the decades from School Days through the 40’s.  There were one-liners and sight gags, great jokes and groaners.  This brief recap will mention only those who are still in the Wrinkles Of Washingtion! program, but honor and praise to all the pioneers who made the later years possible.

The show was emceed by former Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney, the late Pat Sutherland, at his hilarious best.  They danced the Charleston, and they did skits.  Example: Julia Taylor (slithering) offers Vaude deVille super sex as his birthday surprise.  Vaude’s reply, "I'll take the soup".  (Groan)

Cop:  Hey, lady, pull over.  Do you realize you were doin' 75? Woman Driver:  Isn't that wonderful.  I just to learned to drive yesterday.

You get the idea.

They sang "This Land is Your Land", and "In My Merry Oldsmobile"; they danced "Side By Side" on the "Sunny Side of the Street."  They even did Abbott and Costello’s, "Who’s on First?"

This show featured people who have graced Wrinkles Of Washingtion! productions since day one.  The include Lyle Russell ("Girl of My Dreams") and Joanie Roper in a variety of moods.  She sizzled in "Ten Cents a Dance", led the Andrews Sisters in "Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree", and looked more like Peggy Lee than Peggy Lee in "The September Song."  Other names that need mentioning are Sally and Don Hancock (he of the one-liners), Jeanne Vosburgh (Little Red Riding Hood in "Once Upon a Wrinkle"), Irene Robbins (a chorister for lo, these seven years), and Joan Forst, who has performed so admirably in featured roles in subsequent shows.  And we can't overlook Newt Buker and Hugh Funk who contributed so much to this show and to WOW as well throughout its brief history.

This was Michele Penberthy’s directorial debut (at least for WOW), and we were blessed to have her.  She has directed all of the seven increasingly complicated and professional WOW productions.  She is tireless and remarkably patient, sometimes despairing but always upbeat.  WOW is proud to have her, and when she grows up (to 55, that is) she will likely become a director-performer in the grand tradition of Bob Fosse.

One of the featured songs of "Sentimental Journey" was "For the Young at Heart."  That, folks, says it all.

You may "click" on the photos to see a larger one.

Photo from the Fall 1994 show Photo from the Fall 1994 show Photo from the Fall 1994 show
Photo from the Fall 1994 show

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