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WOW Spring 2008 Production

Co-Producers Jeanie Taylor and Georgia Williams, together with Director Joanie Roper and Co-Director Robert Williams, put together "Spring Fever", an exciting "song and dance revue" featuring the Wrinkles of Washington singers, dancers and musicians.  The show was presented April 12th and 13th at the wonderful Olympia High School Performing Arts Center, 1302 North Street, Olympia, WA.  The spring fever theme was carried throughout the show by a small swarm of bees, headed by the mama (or queen) bee.

Click on the photos for enlargement.  Photography by Wrinkles of Washington photographer, John Vosburgh.  We have replaced some of the photos with videos of the performances.  Click on the photos with the red borders to view the videos.

To view photos taken backstage during rehearsals and at the time of the performances, please click here.

Joanie Roper introduces Bill Dergan, the mc, to the audience and explains that we are very fortunate to have Bill as our mc as he is deathly afraid of bees.  Bill introduces the quartet, Unforgettable.  They open the show with the lively "Undecided."

This photo clicks to the video performance.

The Prime Time Tappers dance to "Bandstand Boogie", while the audience applaudes enthusiastically.

This photo clicks to the video performance.

The audience clearly enjoys new Wrinkles of Washington singer Barbara Yunker.  She chose "Cry Me a River" for her debut song.  Pat Overstreet delights the audience with the comedic "Adelaide’s Lament."

This photo clicks to the video performance.

Two of the bees (Ann Johnson and Sally Hancock) tell jokes while the stage is being set for the next act.  Then Al McClymond and Dale Seeley play a rousing medley.

This photo clicks to the video performance.

Don Ellis sings "Amazing Grace" and then Karolyn Langford Walden entertains the audience with her tap dance to "Shine on Your Shoes."

This photo clicks to the video performance.

Art Selhorn hits all the high notes as he sings "Diana."  Sharon Collins invites the audience to join her as she sings "Come Fly With Me."

This photo clicks to the video performance.
This photo clicks to the video performance.

Laura Andersen and Mary Cullen dance "Seraglio", a belly dance they have choreographed to original music that was composed especially for them.  Bobbie Andreas sings about her "Honey Bun."  Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of Bill Dergan in his costume.

Another newcomer to Wrinkles of Washington, but not to the spotlight on stage, Hal Sawyer treats the audience to "What Kind of Fool Am I?"  Always a crowd pleaser, Gayle Andre entertains the audience with her version of "Please Release Me."

This photo clicks to the video performance.

Don Hancock, Geri Campbell, and Wilfried Lippman, add comedy to the show with "Dragnet."  The Steppin’ Out Trio, (Sherry Christianson, Pam Casady, and Mary Cullen), are in top tap form as they dance to "Coffee in a Cardboard Cup."

This photo clicks to the video performance.

Joanie Roper, always an audience favorite, sings "Don’t Rain on My Parade."  The Barbershop Quartet Pieces of Eight, (Jim Buchan, Gary Epps, Jim Civarro and Bill Dergan) sing "Y’all Come Back Saloon", delighting the audience with their close harmony.

Jeanie Taylor, standing beside Flame, her trusy steed, sings "Cow Patty."  Robert Williams sings about the"Ghost Riders in the Sky" and surprises the audience with some fancy whip cracking.

The Prime Time Tappers close the first act with "Cowboy Cadillac."


After intermission, Bill Dergan and Don Hancock (Immediate Past President of Wrinkles of Washington) draw an audience members name to win one of the large floral bouquets.   One of the bees, Pat Overstreet. checks out one of those bouquets.

The Prime Time Tappers open the second act with "Run Around Sue."

This photo clicks to the video performance.

Sharon Collins and Bobbie Andreas don their clown costumes to sing "Funny Face."  The Last Time Tappers entertain the audience with their comedic dance routine to "Ballin’ the Jack."  Then Hal Sawyer tells the audience that he has been "Learnin’ the Blues."

Don Ellis, accompanied by back up dancers, sings about the women he knows in "Travelin’ Man."  His wife, Linda, tells him that his travelin’ days are over.

This photo clicks to the video performance.

Al McClymond, on guitar, and Dale Seeley, on violin, play a lively Sweet CoquetteGeri Campbell and Wilfried Lippman bring a laugh with their Man Overboard joke.

The Wrinkles of Washington Band entertains the audience with "Elmer’s Tune"  Bill Johnson sings "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette."

Some of the bees took mop in hand to sweep away the discarded cigarettes from the previous song.  Bill Dergan leads the cast and the audience in a rousing version of the song "Ragmop."

Karolyn Langford Walden gracefully dances to "Syncopated Hula Love Song."  Art Selhorn's rendition of "My Prayer" is an audience favorite.

Sherry Christianson Wrinkles of Washington's the audience with her exciting tap dance to "Le Jazz Hot."  Wrinkles of Washington is always delighted when the Barbershop Quartet, Pieces of Eight, is able to join the show.  Here they sing "Puff the Magic Dragon."

A new singer for Wrinkles of Washington, but one who has graced many stages in the past, Lori Leavitt enchants the audience with "Sunny Side of the Street" and "Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man of Mine."  She joined by the wonderful keyboard artist, Joe Baque, and another audience favorite, Robert Williams, on saxophone.  Bill Dergan and the bees finally meet and come to an understanding.

Jeanie Taylor really means it when she sings "There’ll Be Some Changes Made."

Joanie Roper moves the audience with her powerful rendition of "This is the Moment."  Robert Williams amazes the audience with the speed and clarity of his playing.  And who can resist dancing to his "9 to 5."

This photo clicks to the video performance.

The Prime Time Tappers close the show with "Singin’ in the Rain."

Many thanks to Georgia Williams, (Co-Producer), Robert Williams, (Co-Director), Joanie Roper, (Director), and Jeanie Taylor, (Co-Producer) for all their hard work.

The cast of Wrinkles of Washington thanks our enthusiastic audiences for attending "Spring Fever."  Also, we give our heartfelt thanks to the Olympia High School technical team, and Wrinkles of Washington volunteers for their outstanding work "behind the scenes!"

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