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WOW Spring 2012 Production

Producer Sharon Ruhl and Director Michele Penberthy did a great job of putting on Wrinkles of Washington's spring show, "Say It With Music", an excitement filled "song and dance revue" featuring the Wrinkles of Washington singers, dancers, musicians and comedians. The show was on the afternoon of June 10th at the Olympia High School Performing Arts Center.

Click on the photos for enlargement.  Photography by Jodie Sturdevant.  We will be replacing some of the photos with videos of some of the performances. 

Bill Dergan, the mc for the show, introduced Sherry Christianson and Newt Buker who opened the show by dancing a delightful tap dance to "Me and My Gal."

Dale Seeley, an audience favorite, played"It Had To Be You" on the violin.  Jim Deal told the hilarious tale of a Scottish worker.

Laurel Busse-Johnston and Karolyn Walden-Deal tap danced to "Me and My Shadow."  Lori Leavitt and Bruce Hanchett sang "Non Domenticar / Quiero Me Mucho", while Joe Baque accompanied them on the piano.

Bill Johnson had the audience laughing with his joke.  Bobbie Andreas entertained with her song "If I Ruled the World"

Vaude deVille and Michele Penberthy did a funny sketch about paint.  Marylin Ball-Brown and Jeanne Vosburgh did a comedy spot.

Hal Sawyer sang "South of the Border" while Steppin’ Out (Pam Casady, Sherry Christianson, and Mary Cullen) danced back up.  Terri and Tony Lirette did a comedy spot.

Carol Watson and Susan Wright did a lively tap dance to "Almost Like Being in Love."  Hal Sawyer and Tom Thompson did a comedy spot.

Jeanne Vosburgh sang "Red Red Robin" and spun a dancing ribbon.  Diana Amos sang "God Bless America." 

Robert Williams, an audience favorite, sang "I’m Gonna Build a Mountain."  Don Ellis sang "Only in America." 

The Prime Time Tappers, Velma Blodget, Laurel Busse-Johnston, Pam Casady, Sherry Christianson, Judy Cook, Mary Cullen (dance captain), Linda Deem, Linda Raines, Sharon Ruhl, Georgia Williams, and Sharon Williams tap danced to "Strike Up the Band."  Marylin Ball-Brown sang our "National Anthem"  with the Prime Time Tappers on stage with her.


The Prime Time Tappers opened Act 2 with a tap dance to "Stuck Like Glue."  Hal Sawyer, Sue Sawyer and Tom Thompson did a comedy spot.

Vaude deVille, sang a song he wrote called "Long Haired Trucker."  Sharon Collins sang "You Needed Me"

Newt Buker and Georgia Williams played "Kansas City Rag" as a piano duet.  Jeanne Vosburgh surprised and pleased the audience with "The Cowboy Yodeling Song."

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